“Smart Contract Conference 2016” on July 26th 2016, Toranomon Hills

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News Release

July 30th, 2016




11 International Companies, experts in Blockchain Technology and Japanese Ministry of Economy will gather in the “Smart Contract Conference 2016” on July 26th 2016, Toranomon Hills


Introducing the latest precedents of Smart Contract Project with the support of Microsoft Japan Co,. Ltd. and ConsenSys US.

 Smart Contract, Inc. is the company that  expands consulting business using Etherium blockchain (HeadQuarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomohiro Sato, hereinafter called Smart Contract Japan) is going  to hold the “Smart Contract Conference” on July 26th 2016 at Toranomon Hills. This event offers the opportunity to present new topics and projects about “Smart Contract” which implement Blockchain.

Among the invitees are Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys  CEO / Founder), the company responsible for creating an alliance with Microsoft Corporation and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC),  Marley Gray (Cloud + Enterprise Microsoft Corp.  Director Business Development & Strategy) and Christoph Jentzsch (Slock.it  CTO), a company that is drawing attention from Smart Contract Industry. In addition, PwC Consulting LLC, Professor Noguchi Yukio from Hitotsubashi University and a representative from the Ministry Of Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry will also participate in the conference.


■ Background of this Conference

While fub-tech industry has been intensively used and expanded to have further business opportunities, Blockchain technology is also drawing a quite good attention. “Research of services using Blockchain technology” (April 2016) was an article published by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, that states with the profit estimation of 67 trillion Japanese yen + over Fin-Tech industry profits, estimated over 1 trillion Japanese yen.

In addition, on November 2015, Ethereum Foundation held a conference on Blockchain technology in United Kingdom, the “Devcon 1”, where not only private developers but also companies, financial and public institutions discussed about the Blockchain technology, hence, spreading out the idea.

Now in Japan, not many projects are using the Blockchain technology and still there is some reluctance to its application. In this conference, where Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. and ConcenSys act as main supporters, we will show the latest existing precedents in UK, USA, Germany, some of other countries and Japan.


■ About Smart Contract Japan

Smart Contract Japan in collaboration with ConsenSys is a consulting business company that focuses on the use of Ethereum platform technology mainly supporting social infrastructure projects. Additionally, Smart Contract Japan, holds weekly courses for developers about Ethereum Blockchain technology with the intention of spreading and improvement.


■ Smart Contract Japan, Inc.

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Business: Consulting which use etherium platform blochchain

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