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Smart Contract Japan consists of blockchain engineers and business and financial consultants.


Our mission is to collaborate with Japanese companies interested in the blockchain space.



In Tokyo.

We are holding Smart Contract related Meetup every week, our Meetup page is here.

We can help you to collaborate with Japanese companies around the innovation backed by decentralization.

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The past Devcon1 held in London November, 2015 full of participants 5 days along at Gibson hall.

Engineers who would like to build the decentralized future raise crypto-currencies. Augur raised $5M for a decentralized prediction market, and Factom has raised $1M for decentralized Proof of Audit & Process. The market capitalization of Ethereum is now over $1B.


Our team is working with ConsenSys, the largest blockchain startup studio & consultancy founded by an Ethereum co-founder.

Smart Contract Japan provides consulting for developing decentralized systems using Ethereum.


Worldwide blockchain technology is rapidly growing. Our consulting service provides Japanese companies with the merits of decentralization using Ethereum and smart contract technology.


In the Fintech world, this has far-reaching impact for applications and systems, such as mobile banking, asset management, algorithmic trading, and distributed ledger settlement. By using the blockchain, you can help organizations build trust using trustless communications.

Toward Decentralized Future.

Money, ID, Reputation, Assets, and truth. These things will be on blockchain. By using Ethereum, we can build any system using these variables information, and without any downtime, and inherit economical system.


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